For decades, KIWO products and services have been setting the standards throughout the industry: Constantly finding improved solutions to customer-based difficulties. KIWO anticipates trends and developments, proactively developing creative product and service solutions for improved productivity and profitability for our customers. In all aspects of our business, KIWO employees are actively engaged in supporting our customers.
For customers around the globe, KIWO is a reliable partner.
Reliability results in trust. And trust is the basis for a strong and successful partnership.
With this principle in mind, KIWO has earned a strong market position in nearly all of our business segments

Frame Adhesives: Product overview
KIWOBOND® 930 Two-component screen adhesive
KIWOBOND® 1000 HMT Fast drying, two-component screen adhesive
KIWOBOND® 1001 HMT Fast drying, two-component screen adhesive

Preparation: Product overview
PREGAN® DUOPREP Screen mesh preparation and degreasing agent

Emulsions for all Screenprinting Applications
AZOCOL® Z 1 Solvent and water resistant Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion
AZOCOL® Z 8 Solvent and water resistant Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion
AZOCOL® POLY-PLUS S-RX Solvent and water resistant Diazo-UV-polymer emulsion
AZOCOL® POLY-PLUS HV Highly viscous Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion
AZOCOL® POLY-PLUS S Solvent resistant Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion
KIWOCOL® 225 Water resistant Diazo-photoemulsion
CERACOP® 2300 Chemically curable Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion
CERACOP® HV Water resistant, highly viscous, chemically curable Diazo-UV-polymer photoemulsion

Coating Machines
KIWOMAT MODULAR An automated coater, build around your requirements

Retouching / Blocking-out
KIWOFILLER® SR 401 Solvent resistant screenfiller
KIWOFILLER® SR 402 Solvent resistant screenfiller

Screen Decoating
PREGASOL® EP 3 Screen decoating powder

Mesh Post-Treatment
PREGAN® -NT-PASTE Alkaline cleaning paste made of renewable raw materials
PREGAN® COMBI-CLEAN Water emulsifiable solvent based activator and screen cleaner
PREGAN® MEGACLEAN LIQUID Alkaline activator and screen cleaner based on biodegradable solvents

Proofing Tools
KIWO® -UV-METER PRO Measuring unit to assess and control screen exposure times
Exposure calculator Exposure calculator

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