Precision Mesh and more for Screen Printing

The Sefar printing division manufactures a wide range of high-quality, precision Polyester mesh as well as sectionally pre-coated mesh SEFAR PCF for printing on Compact discs and DVDs and Polyamide-meshes for screen-printing. You can be totally confident in our market-oriented product range, continually engineered by us to meet the highest demands.

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Complementary Products
Sefar also markets complementary or ad-on products for the stretching process, like pneumatic stretching systems and precision tension measuring instruments

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CtS Imaging Systems
Sefar now offers fully automated screen prepress solutions for both the Medium to Large Format Market with the SignTronic AG StencilMaster Digital Imaging Systems; combined now with the SEFAR? LDS imaging solution offered to the small format screen market, Sefar can provide a digital imaging solution regardless of frame size.

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Liquid Filtration Bag

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