Owning to the ingenuity of scientists, chemistry is taking a major share in the cultural achievements of modern times. Chemicals have become an integral part of our lives.

They are beneficial in so many respects without our being aware of their presence. Who would think that the clothing we wear, the shampoo we use for our hair, the tiles on which we step, or the shoes on our feet are all made possible by high grade chemical auxiliaries? Making these products available - and developing even better ones - is the core of our business.

Our main product lines are auxiliaries for the manufacture of man-made fibres, ceramics and for the treatment of leather and fur; we are also major producers of surfactants and traders in specialist chemicals.

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Poplar is a global producer of stain, frit, on-glass color, and glass color for a wide range of application in the ceramic and glass industry. In addition, Poplar has chemical, dental, and concrete additive divisions that supply a diverse portfolio of products . . .

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Heraeus Noblelight, a company within the global precious metals and technology group Heraeus, designs and manufactures lamps and systems to make UV light and infrared heat productive for manufacturing, science and beauty. The versatility of our technologies convinces customers in industries like automotive, analytical instrumentation, tanning, laser technology, water treatment and printing, just to name a few. What makes Heraeus Noblelight different is the commitment to our customers' applications. Experienced engineers work closely with customers to give them a product with superior performance for their specific needs. They are not only lamp experts, but also understand the parameters and objectives of the applications. An accredited test laboratory and R&D and application centers around the world provide unmatched technical support.

The Heraeus group gives us in-house access to fundamental technologies like quartz glass and precious metals for our lamps. Based on this knowledge, Heraeus Noblelight is able to engineer products that give customers tangible benefits in performance and efficiency

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World-class screen printing and filtration solutions.
Quality products. Exceptional service. The power to innovate. Over 175 years of building lasting customer relationships.

Our precision woven synthetic fabrics are unique in design and performance. Our complementary products ensure that Sefar can meet your needs - whatever the application. All backed by Sefar's team of technical experts, worldwide resources and absolute commitment to customer satisfaction.

Sefar solutions. All about meeting your needs. Precisely and effectively.

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KIWO offers complete solutions in screenprinting chemistry and technology. These complement one another in providing customers with optimal results.

Using these products, KIWO customers can optimze their workflow resulting in a more productive screenprinting operation.

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Kiian originates from the Inks Division of Lechler SpA in 2004, well-known in the international scene thanks to the companies that have written its history and which are now integrated under a unique brand: Manoukian-Argon.

Since 2006 Kiian SpA is the new company name: inside the world of screen-printing, digital and specialist inks Kiian is one of the emerging groups. It differentiates itself with skill in improving its performance through innovation always in tune with its markets and offers "Tailor-made solutions for any printing requirement", supported not only by its best known brands but also the others: Centroscreen and Visprox.

Kiian's international leadership represents the result of an attentive policy of logistic and production investment in China and in Europe too, particularly in its Spanish, French and Dutch subsidiary companies. Its distribution network reinforces this positioning in a decisive way, by spreading its brands throughout more than 90 countries all over the world.

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RUCO Printing Inks combines all of the positive properties of a medium-sized business: flexibility, team spirit and customer proximity.

Printing plants, the plastics processing industry and branded article manufacturers all over the world rely on the quality of our printing inks. On top of this, as a system provider we convince our customers with individual solutions specific to each sector.

"Respecting all forms of expression" is a vision and the expression of our corporate philosophy at the same time - a motto under which we guide our customers into a new dimension of quality and service.
This is the basis on which we aim to further expand our position in the international market.

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