Tandem Chemical founded in 1994 by Mr. Thanyachai N and Mr. Chaiwat H. The company philosophy of products specialist is the main of company mission. With combined experiences in various industries, especially in Ceramic and Printing Industry, Tandem Chemical is fully concentrates in these two industries during the past decade. Represent various products from European suppliers who are specialize of color, mesh, stencil preparation chemical and auxiliaries products, Tandem Chemical becomes one of the leading domestic supplier for the Ceramic and Printing Industry.

Tandem Chemical currently has 30 employees.
The company represents exclusively various suppliers from overseas, they are


Heraeus Noblelight GmbH
Industrielle Prozesstechnik
Reinhard-Heraeus-Ring 7
63801 Kleinostheim / Germany

A company in a privately held group, Heraeus Noblelight continuously invests in the expansion of its global production and systems to make UV light and infrared heat productive for manufacturing

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LUISAGO 22070 / Italy

Kiian SpA is the new company name: inside the world of screen-printing, digital and specialist inks Kiian is one of the emerging groups.

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Kiwo Kissel + Wolf GmbH
69168 Wiesloch / Germany

KIWO offers complete solutions in screenprinting chemistry and technology.

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Poplar Co., Ltd., Taiwan
No. 33, Lane 12, Chi Lin Road, / Taipei

A wide range reliable and consistent quality of colour stain, frit, on-glaze colour and glass coluor for application in the ceramic and glass industry .

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RUCO Druckfarben
A.M. Ramp & Co GmbH
Lorsbacher StraBe 28
65817 Eppstein/Taunus / Germany

RUCO Inks are used successfully in almost every imaginable industrial printing application including : pad printing, screen printing and offset printing inks in both UV and conventional solvent-based formulations.

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Sefar AG
Printing Division
CH - 9425 Thal / Switzerland

The Sefar Printing Division manufactures a wide range of high-quality, precision mesh for screen printing. Pneumatic stretching systems and precision tension measuring instruments are complementary products for the stretching process.

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