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C t S Imaging Systems

SEFAR® LDS is a laser technology based exposure system for small and medium format screen printing stencils.

The LDS 1330 is designed specifically for the small format screen printing market. The LDS 1330 is available with frame handling option. With the handling system option, the LDS system is a practical solution for printers to image precision stencils with minimal operator involvement.

The LDS 4060 is designed for small and medium format applications like labels, containers, tubes, bottles, and other small format, three dimensional objects. The LDS 4060 frame support can be customized according to the customer’s specific requirements.


StencilMaster - Computer to Screen Digital Imaging System
The SignTronic StencilMaster exposes screens coated with available standard emulsions, using UV light. The System is constructed for fully automated in-line production of frames up to 4600 x 2800 mm with a max. image size of 4100 x 2600 mm, other sizes upon request. Micron precision and sharp dot reproduction ensure a unique image quality.


All of these systems have the option to be fully integrated with automated screen preparation, developing and drying equipment from well known manufacturers.


Sefar now offers fully automated screen prepress solutions for both the Medium to Large Format Market with the SignTronic AG StencilMaster Digital Imaging Systems; combined now with the SEFAR® LDS imaging solution offered to the small format screen market, Sefar can provide a digital imaging solution regardless of frame size.

SEFAR® Digital Imaging Systems at a glance

  • Reduction of handling time in pre-press and therefore increased flexibility
  • Integrated digital pre-press that eliminates the entire film costs (costs of films, handling costs, storage costs, inventory management, waste disposal, etc.)
  • No chemicals and waste disposal
  • Stable and standardized processes guarantee a consistent, color to color registration – even on subsequent print runs
  • First class printing results for challenging images


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