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Frit and Glaze

Poplar manufactures a wide array of frit products with its state of the art kiln facilities. It can produce at mass with its continuous process, or at smaller volumes with higher quality using its batch process.

It was first in the Taiwanese ceramic and glass industry to use clean firing for frit production by utilizing the Vacuum Swing Absorption system.

Poplar's frit products are currently being used globally for application predominantly in the ceramic industry. Its technical team can provide help with product selection and application support. Poplar also has the capability to custom make frit based on customer specifications or samples. Please see below for detailed product specifications.

Ceramic Zirconium Opaque Frit
Ceramic Lead Free Transparent Frit
Leaded Transparent Frit
Ceramic Glaze for Dolomite-Ware
Ceramic Special Flux



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