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Application centers

Understanding the specific application is key to the effective use of infrared heat and UV light. This is why Heraeus has established application centers to share experience with our customers and to gather new insights by experiments.

Each application center is equipped with different infrared modules and the auxiliaries needed to heat up materials under realistic conditions. Experienced technical staff is available to run the tests. Customers are welcome to bring their own materials or chose from a range of existing samples. The searchable database contains 2500 documented applications for reference. IR test modules are also available for on-site tests at the customer.

In the Hanau application center, UV users also have the opportunity to work with excimer systems for surface modification. BlueLight and BlueLight Compact excimer units are available for test.

The Heraeus applications centers are open to all users of heat or surface modification processes who are looking for answers to the following questions:

  • Can my process be optimized with IR heat or UV light?
  • How does my material react?
  • Which heaters or lamps are best suited to my process?
  • How should they be designed?
  • How can they be integrated in my production line?

IR application centers are located in Germany, the U.K., Italy, the United States and China. The UV application center is located in Hanau, Germany. To get information about the application center near you, please contact Heraeus.

Further information:

Application Center (PDF 0.2 MB)


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