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Infrared Emitter

Intelligent heating technology for efficient manufacturing processes

Heat is needed in many manufacturing processes, e.g. for drying, forming, activating or joining. Infrared heaters are an intelligent heat source because they offer clear advantages compared to convection or contact heating:

  • Infrared heaters can be matched to material characteristics – allowing higher process speeds and less energy consumption
  • Directed heat only where needed
  • Infrared ovens need less space
  • No contact or medium needed

Short response times of infrared heaters for switch on/ switch off 
Industrial heating processes have to be efficient. Heraeus understands this need of manufacturers.  Heraeus infrared heaters and ovens are always matched to the process – and not vice versa. Experience with thousands of heat processes, own Application centers

Heraeus covers the total spectrum of technically usable infrared wavelengths and can help find the optimum heater to suit specific processes. Perfectly matched infrared heaters allow heating processes to be carried out at great efficiency with the right amount of energy.

The Technical CD ROM from Heraeus gives you background information about infrared heat and Heraeus infrared heaters. For more information, contact the Heraeus application engineers near you.

The new infrared heater brochure gives background information about the different heater tyes, technical data, features and advantages. The entire product range from NIR to Carbon heaters is covered.

Product Range
Carbon medium wave infrared heaters
Classic medium wave infrared heaters
Fast response medium wave infrared heaters
Short wave infrared heaters
Infralight NIR halogen heaters
Complete infrared heating systems
Special IR Heater

Special Information
Application centers for infrared heat


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