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IR Module System

Heraeus infrared modules systems are ready-to-install heating systems optimised for your application. They use quality Heraeus heaters in specially designed housings with optional control units. Because heater and module are optimised for each other, the modular systems are the ideal solution for industrial heat.

Heraeus infrared heating modules are scalable and will always be optimised for the customer process. Optional Heraeus services include CAD data files, on-site measurement and start-up operation of the heating system.

There are two versions of modules from Heraeus:
Heating modules, comprising of one or more infrared emitters mounted in a suitable housing. They are usually wired into a terminal box mounted on the back of the unit.
System solutions comprise modules and a control unit designed to meet the requirements of the individual process.

Heraeus offers complete engineering services for modular systems from the analysis of the process to installation and start-up of the system.

The new M 110 infrared module:

The M 110 is a new heating module from Heraeus which offers very easy handling and installation and quick delivery times together with the advantages of the Heraeus Golden 8 heaters and Heraeus Carbon infrared heaters.

With the M 110, infrared heat can be applied quickly and easily, especially for products which require surface heating.

These modules contain infrared heaters of a suitable wavelength with a gold reflector which virtually doubles the effective radiation. M 110 modules are also easily retrofitted in existing systems and are cost-effective, with a long operating life.

Each M 110 module has a heated width of 110 mm and is available in different lengths. For longer heating distances, several M 110 modules can be combined back-to-back.

For a download of a factsheet about the M 110, please go to the bottom of this page.

Examples of other Heraeus infrared modules:

Besides the M 110, Heraeus offers a wide range of infrared modules that can be matched to special process and equipment requirements

Further information:

Brochure "Infrared Modules for Industrial Processes" (PDF)

Factsheet "Infrared Module M 110" (PDF)

Factsheet "Airknife Modules" (PDF)


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