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Gravure / Flexographic Printing Inks

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Flexographic printing is a direct relief printing method using flexible printing plates and low-viscosity printing inks. The main field of application is the decoration of flexible packaging made of plastic materials, paper and cardboard as well as wine and sparkling wine bottle caps and adhesive tapes.

The gravure printing method is used both in graphic artwork and for commercial reproduction. Here too the main fields of application include packaging made of plastics, paper and cardboard as well as wine and sparkling wine bottle caps. Moreover, the printing method is used when it comes to decorating special papers for cigarette tips and decor foils for the furniture industry.

With its wide range of water-borne and solvent-based printing inks, RUCO also counts among the world's leading suppliers of gravure and flexo printing inks. Whether characteristics such as scratch and abrasion resistance, high colour strength and brilliance, weather-resistance or food compatibility are required - there are suitable inks series available that meet all these requirements. Special effect inks for decorating bottle caps and adhesive tapes as well as effect inks and lacquers for the demanding finishing stages round off the product range


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