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Pad Printing Inks

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The pad printing method is used for decorating bodies that have no flat surfaces. Important fields of pplication include the decoration of toys and sales-promoting items as well as bottle caps, plastic bottles, decorative elements in the automotive and furniture industries and many more.

RUCO offers a comprehensive range of pad printing inks that have especially been developed and optimised with regard to the different demands placed by the above mentioned fields of application. For instance, user-friendly inks are available for the toy industry that meet the stringent specifications of the European norm for toys DIN EN 71 and offer the additional advantage of being free from cyclohexanones and aromatic compounds. Further ink series with excellent chemical and mechanical resistances as well as outstanding adhesion characteristics on a large variety of substrates can be supplied for all kinds of different industrial applications.

Our basic ink mixing system, consisting of 12 basic colours, can be used to achieve a wide range of different shades.


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